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Researchers conducted interviews with forum members and observed public discussions.

“We found that participants used these forums to share experiences and to offer advice, and the forums played a major role in shaping how participants used the dating sites,” says researcher and Professor Keith Edwards of Georgia Tech’s School of Interactive Computing.

Researchers say some of the techniques might actually enable anti-social behavior, a common problem on dating sites in general.

[related] On OKCupid, for example, some male users indiscriminately gave all profiles four or five stars to get noticed by each potential partner they rated.

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With one-on-one, private conversations, often between strangers, online dating can be awkward.

In part, that’s because the unspoken rules and key to success on services like OKCupid and Tinder can be unclear.

“Matches” happen based on mutual liking of those profiles.

With the recent hacks of sites like Ashley Madison, Fling and Adult Friend Finder, there is a growing mistrust in the security of dating sites, particularly those on the adult end of the spectrum.

Taking on these concerns, the founder behind London-based came up with a new approach to adult dating, taking inspiration from non-dating platforms which, because of their anonymity, have fostered adult communities online.

Neither a small army of obsessed internet sleuths nor Wiki Leaks and Buzz Feed News has been able to produce photographs, or any information beyond a dead Linked In page, about Todd and Clare Hammond.

Nexis searches in the three states associated with Toddand — California, where they claimed to live; Texas, where the website is registered; and Michigan, where they claim to have been childhood sweethearts — returned no results remotely resembling a married couple named Todd and Clare Hammond.


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