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Production of metal banjo parts was suspended during World War II.

However, small numbers of Gibson banjos continued to be constructed and shipped during the war years using stocks of metal parts remaining in factory bins.

This tactic was also used on many Pre-war gibson rims to cover up cosmetic flaws in the glue joints.

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Gibson banjos carry decals, serial numbers and other physical features that can help you learn more about your banjo.Fortunately, Gibson did not put all of its eggs in the Master Model mandolin basket.In March, 1923, Gibson introduced a new line of banjos called (not coincidentally) Mastertones.According to a 1924 letter from Gibson’s general manager Harry Ferris to the company’s board of managers, “The Gibson banjo had the worst reputation of any banjo on the market.” Rather than fight the banjo makers head-on, Gibson had given “acoustic engineer” Lloyd Loar the task of creating an improved mandolin that would revive interest in the instrument.Loar came up with the Master Model family, headed by the F-5, which is legendary today but was a commercial failure when it appeared in mid 1922.They had a hollow metal tone ring drilled with holes on its inner and outer sides.


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