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You could be in line for as little as twenty minutes, or two hours.

It's like the feeling you get when you get up to the gate at the amusement park and you say to yourself, "my, I hope this isn't an indication of what it will be like inside..", ha!

The Annual Pass will not cover boat ramp fees as of July 1, 2017: In order to be consistent with other Florida State Parks, effective July 1, 2017 the boat ramp fee will no longer be included with the use of the annual pass. Sites 52 - 60 will be closed starting September 24: Starting 9/24/17 sites 52-60 will be closed to accommodate pre-made reservations while improvements are made to existing sites.

Sites will re-open once improvements are completed.

Our volunteers are united by their passion for animals and conservation and we offer numerous opportunities for dedicated individuals from all walks of life in virtually every aspect of of our operation. You are saving animals on Earth when you support the Zoo. Each and every day, Brevard Zoo not only provides exceptional care for our own animals, but is immersed in critical field projects working to protect threatened and endangered animals around the world.

“Wildlife conservation through education and participation” is our mission, so we aim to provide memorable guest experiences, connect people with wildlife and educate and inspire them to be stewards of our planet.


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