Is joe jonas dating chelsea staub

His beauty pageant girlfriend was more stylish in a black shirt, red mini skirt, and carrying a red Lacoste hat.A large gold bangle topped off the look and her fashionably oversized black purse was a smart accessory choice.

Through it all, the brothers flirt, date, and sing.

Like "Hannah Montana" before it, "Jonas" is a sitcom about a fictional music act with a barely distinguishable real world counterpart.

Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas play Nick, Kevin, and Joe Lucas, three fictional -- and it's very important that you understand they are fictional -- brothers who comprise a world-famous band that inexplicably goes by the name of JONAS.

Get ready to see even more of your favorite Disney Channel series with JONAS: ROCKIN' THE HOUSE on DVD!

Although I had not really heard their music the show did seem to have promise.


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