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Top speed was lowered to 1/1000th second and the self-timer/long exposure control, double exposure and focus lock were eliminated.All Small bayonet mount Bronica Nikkor lenses fit the S body.The lens' main limitation (it only covers a narrow field of view) prevented it being adapted for other uses (landscape, for example), but does not matter for portraiture.The design was widely adopted, and Petzval lenses were made for about the next century.The 105mm f/3.5 Nikkor and 300mm f/4.5 Zenzanon will not fit.

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Total made in Germany from October 1966 until March 1986: 28,900 Special models: Several, including gold plated models, different leather & colors and 10 cameras in black (1973) Serial # 1966-1982: 2.900.000 - 2.927.800 Serial # 1982-1986: coded xxxxxxxx Details Similar to SL66E, TTL metering, TTL flash metering plus spot metering and redesigned film backs with improved film advance system.Voigtländer was founded in 1756 in Vienna, Austria by Johann Christoph Voigtländer, as a scientific instrument maker.Voigtländer was an optician and inventor, noted for his work on mathematical instruments, and held letters patent (a state-protected monopoly, the forerunner of a Patent) from the Austrian government, granting an exclusive right to carry on that business.All small bayonet mount Auto-Nikkor and Zenzanon lenses fit the De Luxe, as well as all five "S" series prisms and hoods.The S2A grips, however, will not fit fue to the bayonet fitting on the camera base, and a special tripod adapter #81502 was required to use either of these grips. The S model was introduced while the De Luxe was still in production and represented a simplified version of that camera.Special models: Several not merchandized special editions are known to exist; one of them a chrome plated version (3 pieces).


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