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The investigation is being handled by Salvadoran gang prosecutors trained by US agencies including the FBI and the Department of Justice, which also aided in transporting key witnesses to El Salvador for court proceedings, according to the DOJ.

During his visit, Trump is expected to thank cops, for their efforts battling the gang, which Suffolk County Police say is responsible for 17 murders since the start of 2016.

I think that a bad topic to begin a conversation is by asking about the political situation of the country, unless you know the political orientation of the person with whom you are talking.

Of course, after knowing the person and the context, you could talk about internal politics.

It’s what we see in other war situations around the world where rape is used as a weapon to terrorize the community.” El Salvador’s 6 million people also suffer the second highest per capita homicide rate in the world after neighboring Honduras.

In a land of lakes and volcanos, clandestine graves appear like wild mushrooms after a rainstorm.


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