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A former practicing Attorney-turned-Entrepreneur, Ahluwalia also holds a graduate degree in Philosophy.

As a second-generation Indian-American, she understands the cultural challenges many Indian singles today are facing in navigating their own path to finding life partners.

I use a relational model focussing on feelings that come up between myself and my client as we work on the outer and inner concerns.

Images from dreams, sandplay and art are integrated into the analytic work to explore deeper meanings and to elucidate concerns.

For the past half-dozen years I’ve been fighting an easily-mapped battle about the shortage of eligible bachelors in New York City.

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Demand for an association to address the psychological concerns of people from South Asia, and serve as a forum for South Asian mental health professionals, had been building for years as South Asians grew as a minority within the United States, Inman says. The 1960 Census listed about 14,000 people living in the United States as born in India and Pakistan.It’s very pleasing to see it.” And spin they did, like five little smiling red-and-purple tops.The dancing was one of the main attractions at the 22nd annual Festival of India at Paseo Padre Parkway and Walnut Avenue.Since then, the Indian-American population of Fremont and surrounding areas has exploded, with census figures showing that between 20, the numbers rose from 21,600 to 39,000 in Fremont and 67,000 to 118,000 in Santa Clara County.And according to Nina Kaushi, who moved to Fremont from San Jose four years ago, anecdotal evidence indicates that number is still climbing.My singles map gets updated every single year, and every time it’s the exact same result: you complaining ladies must be crazy. While there might be more single men in NYC than single women, they aren’t who you think.


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